Printing is our specialty and we only use the finest quality materials & ink in order to provide your Displaque with a clean & professional looking finish.


Each order is held to the highest standard to ensure a great high-quality product is delivered to our customers. Each Track is printed using premium quality print material with a clean, transparent finish.



Product information



  • 10cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 3mm (thickness)
  • 15cm (W) x 20cm (H) x 3mm (thickness)
  • 20cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 3mm (thickness)
  • 20cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 3mm (thickness)


Material: PMAA Acrylic glass

Print: High-quality and colourful UV direct print

Optional accessories: Acrylic glass stand or Wood LED Base