We are a team of creatives working full time to bring new ideas to life. Displaque is our latest project we have been working for months to bring to you.  Choose your favorite song, album or create a custom album cover that captures the perfect moment.  



We are an International company founded out of a passion for print and music. We work with the best printing companies and can guarantee with 110% that our frames are of good quality.



Some people love listening to music the “new” way ─ via CDs, flash drives, and the internet. Others, however, prefer the euphoric feeling of the old days. We are one of such people. To us, nothing beats the pleasure of owning, displaying, and playing classic vinyl records.



Unfortunately, the classic vinyl records have one major disadvantage ─ they’re old technology. We at Displaque are here to rectify that flaw.



At Displaque, ours is a dedication to recreating vinyl records with modern technology. Our modern vinyl records bring together the best of the two worlds ─ the large, customizable, discs of old vinyl records, and the improved compatibility and advancement of recent technology. 



We look to bring back the days of vinyl records, and not just to bring them to their former glory, but to make them even better; a goal we are steadily achieving, one record at a time.

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