How to create Spotify glass album art - Cricut Tutorial | Displaque

Crafters have been using a new Spotify code system to make some really cool Spotify cover art and I’m going to show you how! Spotify has been around for almost 15 years…but do you know what Spotify codes are? Each individual song on Spotify has its own unique code and when it’s scanned, the song plays!

*Please take note that you will need a Cricut or other die-cut machine to complete this project

I’ve had my Cricut machine for a little over two years and have fallen in love with it so much since. There’s a ton you can do with one machine! I highly recommend purchasing one if you’re into any kind of paper crafting or even any DIY stuff at all.

But…you’re here for the Spotify cover art! Let’s jump into it.

This project is so great as a gift for someone or simply just a craft you want for your own home. The possibilities are endless. Choose any song by any artist and add any album cover design! It’s extremely customizable.

Materials You’ll Need for Spotify Cover Art:

  • a Cricut or other die-cut machine
  • SVG files (guidelines and the Spotify imagery)
  • 12″x12″ sheet of vinyl (although you’ll use less)
  • 5″x5″ photo for album design (can be your own photo or real corresponding album art)
  • 8″x10″ piece of glass or plexiglass (other sizes will work too but the SVGs will have to be adjusted accordingly)
  • craft glue stick (or other strong sticky alternative)
  • transfer tape
  • weeding tool
  • scraper tool

Steps to Follow

*I highly recommend watching the video below to learn how to create this Spotify cover art project from start-to-finish

Download the Spotify cover art SVGs and import them into a new Cricut Design Space project.
  1. Create a shape that has the dimensions of your piece of glass and adjust the sizes of your SVGs so that they fit well on top (Spotify imagery SVG fits in the last box of the guidelines SVG).
  2. Add the title of your song as well as the artist to their corresponding boxes.
  3. Go into Spotify and copy the song link by right clicking -> share -> copy song link.
  4. Go into your web browser and find; paste in your link and download the file as an SVG.
  5. Import this SVG into your Cricut project and adjust the size accordingly.
  6. Import your photo and adjust to the size of the top most guideline box (if you’re ordering a photo print from a store you can ignore this step).
  7. Delete the guideline boxes beneath your content (as well as the first shape you added) and make sure it all looks right.
  8. Print and cut your photo (if you’re doing that) and cut the rest on vinyl.
  9. Cut the separate pieces of vinyl and weed.
  10. Wipe down your glass before attaching anything to it to avoid getting dust underneath your design.
  11. Paste your photo about a 1/4 inch from the top of the glass with glue.
  12. Use transfer tape as well as weeding/scraper tools to adhere your vinyl (Spotify imagery, Spotify code, song title, and then song artist – I find it works best this way!).

Post your Spotify cover art at instagram and tag #displaque below and be sure to email me ( if you have any questions! I can’t wait to see what all of you create.

Happy crafting!